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The Easthampton Police Department's designated Public Information Officers, or PIOs, are Sergeant Dennis Scribner (8am-4pm shift) and Sergeant Chad Alexander (4pm-midnight shift). As Public Information Officers, they act as official spokespersons for the department in conducting and maintaining an active liaison with the news media, they serve as a central source of information for release by the department, and they respond to requests for information by the news media and the community.

Our Public Information Officers assist news media personnel in covering routine news stories and at the scenes of incidents; they assist news media on an on-call basis; they prepare and distribute press releases; they arrange for and assist at news conferences; they coordinate and authorize the release of information about victims, witnesses and suspects; they assist in crisis situations within the agency and the community; and they coordinate and authorize the release of information concerning confidential agency investigations and operations.
Our department's Public Information Officers also manage and monitor ther department's official social media accounts. 
To reach Easthampton Police Department's PIOs:                 
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Lieutenant Dennis Scribner (413) 527-1212 ext. 1091, email:         

Sergeant Chad Alexander (413) 527-1212 ext. 1092, email: 



In compliance with Massachusetts General Law, Chapter 41 § 98F, the Easthampton Police Department maintains a daily log as well as administrative reports of criminal and non-criminal activity. The daily police log and and weekly arrest logs are published regularly on our website, and hardcopies of such records are available upon request, unless otherwise exempted by law.
All entries in the daily logs shall, unless otherwise provided in law, be public records available without charge to the public during regular business hours and at all other reasonable times. However, any information concerning responses to reports of domestic violence, rape or sexual assault, any entry concerning the arrest of a person for assault, assault and battery or violation of a protective order where the victim is a family or household member, as defined in section 1 of chapter 209A, or any entry concerning the arrest of a person who has not yet reached 18 years of age cannot be published in these logs. Additionally, entries pertaining to handicapped individuals who are physically or mentally incapacitated to the degree that they are confined to a wheelchair or are bedridden, or require the use of a device designed to supply mobility, shall not be made available to the media or general public. 
court officerSergeant Chad Alexander is the designated Records Access Officer who processes and prepares public requests for department records such as log entries and police reports. By statute the Custodian of Records has 10 calendar days to respond to a public records request once it is received.
To request department records, please print and complete the form below, then send or deliver it to the Easthampton Public Safety Complex to the attention of Sergeant Chad Alexander. Additionally, you may obtain a hardcopy of this form in the lobby of the Public Safety Complex located at 32 Payson Avenue, Easthampton, MA 01027.

Request for Public Records Form (Public records request form) >> download

For further inquiries, Sergeant Alexander can be reached at (413) 527-1212 extension 1092, or 



Officer Jeffrey Fish is administratively assigned as our department’s Court liaison officer. As Court liaison, Officer Fish is responsible for the preparation and submission of criminal cases at the District Court and Juvenile Court level, and he coordinates the scheduling of cases, hearings and police witnesses. In cooperation with the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office, he also assists with the scheduling and presentation of cases to the Grand Jury and the Superior Court. Officer Fish works closely with District Attorney’s Office as well as court staff to maintain an effective working relationship with our department.
Officer Fish’s duties include scheduling and ensuring the punctual attendance of all department members at court appearances. He is responsible for the effective preparation and presentation of cases before the courts, the processing of traffic citations and other civil ordinance violations, and he ensures that witnesses are notified and evidence is made available to the Court as needed. Officer Fish maintains and updates all court-related departmental records and keeps them current. He also keeps officers apprised of the status and outcomes of criminal cases.
Officer Fish can be reached at (413) 529-1400 ext. 308, or by email at 

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