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Rt 10 crash scene 2Crash Analysis and Reconstruction is the scientific process of investigating, analyzing and drawing conclusions about the causes and events during a vehicle collision.  Officers certified in this field conduct in-depth collision analysis and reconstruction in order to identify the crash causation as well as contributing factors, including the role of the driver(s), vehicle(s), the roadway and the environment.

The laws of physics and principles of engineering such as the conservation of linear momentum, work-energy methods and kinematics are the basis for these analyses, and investigators may make use of software to calculate useful quantities. The crash reconstruction provides rigorous analyses that an expert witness can present at a criminal trial if necessary.

Traffic crashes are reconstructed in every case that involves fatalities, and often when serious personal injury is involved. The results from crash reconstructions are also useful in developing recommendations for making roads and highways safer, as well as improving safety aspects of motor vehicle design.

The Easthampton Police Department has two certified reconstructionists – Officer Rick Rogalski and Officer Edward Murray.  The training for certification as a reconstructionist consists of 240 hours of classroom and practical applications. Former Police Chief Bruce McMahon was Easthampton’s first crash reconstructionist and was responsible for adding Officer Rogalski and Officer Murray to the ranks.  

Our department’s crash reconstructionists also take advantage of scene mapping equipment which can create scaled diagrams of crash scenes. These diagrams can then be used for measurements as well as applying equations in an effort to determine speeds of vehicles involved in a crash. 

Officer Rick Rogalski can be reached at (413) 527-1212, ext. 1039 or by email at 

Officer Edward Murray can be reached at (413) 527-1212 ext. 1044 or by email at 


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